We are a working group of senior consultants, dedicated to helping organizations achieve new levels of sustainable performance and measurable outcomes. Our work is focused on helping our clients in typically two areas. ”What is the right direction and path to improve enterprise performance?” and/or “How to  change the way the organization works, to realize desired results?”.

What we do

Enterprise Strategy Development

Principally through information gathering, analysis & work session based processes, we help our clients think through and create clear outcome based direction, and then  design an achievable path of development that is grounded on an objective understanding of their current position, their environment and it’s dynamics, given the types of resources available to ensure achievable outcomes.

• Enterprise Strategy Development & implementation

• Sales/Marketing Development

• Customer Management Development.

Organization Capacity Development

In many situations, achieving better results is really linked with how you work as an organization. For our clients, who have the commitment to changing organization culture and capacity, we provide assistance in the following areas:

• Organizational Performance Assessment

• Organization Change Implementation

• Management Skill Development

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Partial Client List

Ault Foods Inc.

Abitibi - Price

Block Drug Inc.

Eli Lilly

Christie Brown & Co.

The E.D. Smith Company

Federal Mogul Canada

Gilbey Canada Inc.

Hostess Frito-Lay

Schoolnet Industry Canada

Thomas J. Lipton Inc.

Nabisco Brands Ltd.

Ontario Hydro

Proctor & Gamble Inc.

Petro Canada

Royal Bank

    SmithKline Beecham

Statistics Canada


Toronto Catholic District School Board

Trans Canada Pipelines

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Why our clients have chosen us

• We know how to help your group find their own solutions.

• We understand and know how to manage the human and behavioural aspects of change.

• We are able to provide the "just in time" skills and learning contribution that are needed for your specific situation.

• You are getting senior skilled personnel whose experience assures you of a tested effective process.

How we work

Before The Engagement

We will ensure that there is mutual agreement with you on:

•  Project Outcomes.

•  Scope and Assumptions.

•  Detailed Work Plan.

•  Timing and Costing, based on the support required.

During the Engagement

Whenever appropriate, we will work with a task force group and fully utilize your available personnel to ensure:

• Quality input to steer us towards fast and effective understanding of your business.

• Quality decisions in the process of the assignment through proper contact and interim work sessions, where appropriate.

• The development of practical decisions and results that are achievable with available resources, and possible within your business environment.

• Active support of key individuals within your organization who will sponsor the initiatives, upon completion of the assignment.

At the Close of the Engagement

We will undertake:

• All communication requirements to ensure effective realization of the changes

   initiated in the course of the assignment.

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• A follow up review to ascertain the satisfaction level with the work done.

Selected Past Engagements

Total Organization Performance Development

We assisted the management team of a major multi-national food company translate past initiatives in total quality management into a meaningful set of business and performance outcomes. We designed a workshop-based learning process for the whole organization, that had the working teams redefine their individual and group roles and performance measurement on the basis of managing the core work processes of the organization. (“breaking down the silos”). We trained company personnel to deliver the process and created the implementation path for the organization.  

Assessment of the intervention three years later indicated that the impact on their performance capabilities was significant. All personnel in the company now  work cross functionally. They  are able to design and manage cross functional development  projects effectively. They have been  able to significantly improve the quality and reduce the elapsed time on core internal processes (“process re-engineering”) The company’s level of financial performance has significantly improved over the past three years.

Sales Performance Development

Assisted the senior sales management of a multi-national wines and spirits company identify specific outcomes they wanted at retail. We led the full sales management team   in developing  a detailed performance profile (“performance standards”) for the sales rep role. From the performance standards, we identified individual competency requirements, tools and resources, and changes in the deliverables of the sales and marketing work processes that  would be needed to achieve the outcomes. Selected personnel across the company worked in teams to design the changes  in the work processes and the tools and resources needed. We provided the appropriate training experiences for the reps. Two years later  the company was achieving 5% annual sales increase in a 3% declining markets. This intervention was seen by senior management as central to their business’s improved performance.

Strategic & Business Planning

Designed and conducted business planning process for a major beverage marketer, that allowed effective integration of all functional planning outputs. Assisted a broadcast company in developing plans to improve the performance of media sales to retail clients in a sliding market. The impact has provided an 5X payout to the client group to date. shapeimage_7.png shapeimage_8.png

Channel Assessment

A major publishing and broadcast company was looking at the possibility of employing it’s assets to enter into the direct marketing field. We undertook an opportunity assessment  of the direct marketing business in North America. The primary research work and marketing assessment placed the management group in a position to objectively assess the opportunities and risks of the prospective venture. Decision to forgo entry at this time, based on the assessment, saved the company considerable time and expense.

Channel Development

Worked  with the sales organization of one of the top ten packaged goods companies, to better understand the potential value of account specific promotions. Along with a channel needs assessment (built up from a customer by customer survey), we developed management guidelines to ensure successful execution of future development with the trade, as well as an internal management process.

Customer Business Development

A major dairy was seeking to improve the effectiveness of the business relationship with one of their major retail customers. We worked with both the management of the dairy company and the retailer to identify opportunities, (marketing, sales, and operational) that could improve the  joint revenue and profitability of their business. Impact of this intervention was a 20% increase in the ongoing profitability of the category, for  both the retailer and the dairy company.


Dan Lang (M.A. M.B.A.), the principal of J.D.Lang and Associates, has worked for over twenty five years in marketing, business development and general management capacities, twelve years in management roles and over the past fifteen years in a consulting capacity. The practice is supported by small group of experienced senior personnel  who possess core sales, marketing, and general management consulting experience, and specific skills and experience in managing organization change, training and development , customer service, and marketing & sales information systems.   shapeimage_9.png shapeimage_10.png